Swirled Branches

View and exhibition space

A swirled structure out of tree branches from broadleaved forest in Japan is permanently exhibited at Miraikan (National Musieum of Emerging Science and Innovation).

The work is described as follows:

Can We Build a Structure from Irregular Branches? This sculpture demonstrates "tekizai-tekisyo" (right material in the right place) out of branches from broadleaf forest thinning. While commercial products rely on identical standardized parts, a little computing power lets the raw materials be as they are.

Computer model juxtaposed with photograph

The left picture is a screenshot of the computer model of the structure before fabrication. An abundant number of branches were individually 3D-scanned. Then an algorithm selects the best fitting branch for each position in the structure. The right picture is a photograph of the fabricated structure. The branches are connected by CNC-milled cross-lap joints.

This work was made in collaboration with Hironori Yoshida